Get Involved

Please tell us how we can improve connections through the Blacklands Recreation Ground from the town centre and residential areas in Kilwinning, and how to make it easier to walk and cycle around in general.

Please leave as many comments and ideas as you like on our Placecheck map.

Think about what issues you experience and where there are problems that you would like to see sorted.

Problems could include:

areas where you don’t feel safe | places where it’s difficult to cross the road | places where it’s difficult to push a wheelchair, or walk or cycle with children

Suggestions could include:

new or improved road crossings | wider footways | speed restrictions on roads | seating | lighting | green space/planting | cycle parking

Please also complete our short survey to tell us more about your travel patterns and your views on about what else could be done to encourage more people to walk and cycle in Kilwinning.

You can also email your comments and suggestions to us at